Christmas Meal

A HUGE happy festive season to everyone.

What a wonderful Christmas night out we had at Pomodoro’s to celebrate the end of a hugely successful year (and it’s all down to the guidance of our Head Witch!)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the great joy that can come from this time of year – looking back on achievements, friends and special occasions. And for us to pause and consider those less well placed who can find this time of year especially difficult.

Let’s all have a grateful, generous, fun and compassionate festive holiday.

Robert, SWC Secretary


ps, A big thanks to Stewart for taking the photo (see empty chair)

pps, sorry Dorinda

ppps, A reminder – Terror Tales for a Winters Eve is now out for sale through The Bookshelf on Victoria Road, Scarborough.

Terror Tales for a Winters Eve

Wonderful news for the festive season.

Terror Tales for a Winters Eve: A collection of original stories, to chill even a winter’s night – due for publication from Saturday 22 Dec 2018 – featuring; not one, not two, but four original works by members of the Scarborough Writers Circle.

Judith Woodroffe, Julie Fairweather, Stewart Ashton and Robert Adams.

Supernatural stories from Phantasm Press.

    with Daniel Wilkins at The Bookshelf in Scarborough.

A great – stocking frightener at only £7.50

ps, all monies raised will be going to charity. Go on – you know you want to!

pps, if you don’t, we’ll haunt you for ever more.


Robert Adams, Secretary


Our President, Bill Kitson, reminds everyone of John Cooper’s important evening.

Dear All,

On May 13th, John Cooper is leading a session encouraging members to analyse the mechanics of narrative writing. I believe this is an essential weapon in a writer’s armoury. The importance of the ability to write coherently is crucial. As language changes, the requirements for writers also change, so we are in effect, always learning.I think this is a session from which all members, even the most successful and experienced can benefit.

Author of the DI Mike Nash crime series,the Eden House Mysteries and the Byland Crescent Saga.