Away Day at the Crown Spa

On Saturday 20th May, several circle members enjoyed a day in the company of bestselling author, Margaret Graham, who charmed us all with her warm and lively personality as she led us through the components of the common structural form of the short story, expanding this into novel writing and publishing.

The Plotline used for guiding writers was based on the Cinderella story and the structure of this enabled us to identify plot points within the writing we produced on the day, to aid us with future writing, and indeed to apply to any work in progress.

The day was full of fun and laughter, with a balanced mix of teaching and interaction. There were lots of tips for how to vary content within the plotline to make it effective and how to keep the reader interested.

It was a great experience writing as a group in a different setting other than our usual monthly 2-hour session at Scalby Library and it gave us a chance to get to know one another a little better.

Members came away feeling they had learned something valuable from Margaret and enjoyed her company to boot!

It would be good to repeat this practice, perhaps in a different venue, and we will look at the possibility of that at the AGM in November, depending on available funds.

Submitted by Julie Fairweather, Member

Photos courtesy of Ros Jones, Member

Margaret asked that her fee be donated to Motor Neurone Disease



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