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Jill Boyes

‘The Nikki Barker Trophy 2020’ Report

The Nikki Barker Trophy was launched in 1995 making this year its 25th anniversary. The Scarborough Writers’ Circle has been in existence for seventy two years having met at various venues across the town, including Allatt House (now demolished), the Pentecostal Chapel in Castle Road, Vernon Road library and most recently at Newby & Scalby library. The latter is my favourite of all these, offering comfy chairs, excellent facilities, refreshments that appear as if by magic and a backdrop of thousands of books. What more could a writer want?

Sadly, Nikki died in February this year after becoming increasingly frail. Her mum told me that Nikki had lived life to the full within the limitations of her condition. She was a great communicator on the internet, Facebook in particular. My feeling is that Nikki established her competition as a means of giving members a prod in the ribs; the plan being each of us would awaken our muse and put pen to paper. Strange to think that in the early days submissions would have been handwritten or would have sprung from a trusty old Olivetti. A long-gone friend and much published Circle member named her (green) typewriter ‘Olive’.

Now, more about this year’s competition. There were a number of changes to the normal routine.  Firstly, since we couldn’t meet in person the entries were submitted by post or brought to my door by agents, their identities’ concealed behind masks; or maybe they were just going shopping. The ‘intended market’ could be ignored. Photographs and images could be included and use of research was encouraged. The piece could be fiction or nonfiction and should relate to the theme of ‘Black’.

The winner was Anne Morley with ‘Join the Dots’ which featured seven photos on the front page (see copy here). What could possibly link a black rabbit with Joe Stalin and a Morris Thousand? The award ceremony took place in Anne’s garden (within government guidelines) after we’d identified a suitable backdrop. Here’s Anne with the trophy and also a picture of Nikki, kindly provided by her mum Pam.

Jill Boyes September 2020   



      Photos: Anne Morley (trophy)

and Nikki Barker

Anne’s book ‘Curiosities from Scarborough’s Children’s Charities’ is available from  




Julie Fairweather

A Smattering of Alice

(Themed Short Stories Collection with illustrations, 2021)

The stories are tenuously linked to Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’, mainly through the use of character names and/or illustrations, in this adult-themed collection. Its intention is to draw readers into the worlds created to challenge their perception of how behaviour can manifest as a mental health problem – even in fictitious, sometimes disturbing, realities.

If you are interested in purchasing this small collection of illustrated stories, please contact me at for delivery options. The cost of the book is £5 (plus delivery as required).

You can read about the collection’s evolution in my blog post entitled: Blue Butterflies and further on the hope of butterflies within the collection in my latest blog entitled: A Smattering of Alice.

With love for the journey,


Liz Jones

‘Out-running Grief’

This is a memoir of Liz’s personal journey in rebuilding her life, following the tragic loss of her son.  It is currently available on Amazon books on Kindle and in paperback, priced at £10.99.

You can also purchase a copy direct from the author at £8 / contact Liz on

Bill Kitson

Anne Morley

Curiosities from Scarborough’s Children’s Charities

Two tin trunks labelled ‘Scarborough Amicable Society’ were dumped at our house. I blew the dust off the old Minute Books and allied documents to find a real treasure trove from a  forgotten world. Coincidentally I was given a pivotal contact, David Moore in Australia was researching his great-grandfather in Scarborough, an early secretary of the Society would you believe! I was hooked.

As a result we have a full-blown journey through Scarborough’s fascinating history meeting real people who walked the same streets as we do today. A guide to the three inter-linked charities, Scarborough United Scholarships Foundation, the John Kendall Trust and the Scarborough Amicable Society simply grew and grew.

Tostig, Roundheads and Cavaliers, Thomasine Farrer, Robert North, the Rowntree family, the Woodalls, fossil hunters, neglected children, shipwrecked sailors, a variety of clergymen and dozens more emerge from the pages. We travel to the cotton mills of Lancashire, to Chesapeake Bay and Tasmania. Did you know that a mariner from Scarborough almost made it to Australia six years before Captain Cook landed there? You’ll have to read the book to find out who he was.

Please send all enquiries regarding the book to:

‘Curiosities from Scarborough’s Children’s Charities’ is available from  

Nola York

‘Counting The Days’; Lock-down lunacy in poems and sketches

Nola York’s sense of humour and love of sketching is evident in this book which reflects her personal journey through lock-down during the Coronavirus epidemic in 2020.

Nola’s delightful book costs £5 (plus post and packing).

Please direct all enquiries to the author herself on: