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For members who would like to list anything they have available, either directly from them, or from retail sources.  Please contact Lesley Young to have them included.

Julie Fairweather

A collection of my short stories Picking at the Bones is available as an EBook from (£2.15) – you can read the first two stories from the ‘look inside’ button on the site. If you would like to purchase a paperback version (£5.50 plus £1 towards postage –UK only) please contact me by sending a reply to any post on my website:

(I won’t publish your contact details, and any comments you make will not be published either, unless you specifically request this) or you can email me at or phone/text me at 07594 427 944

jf cover

The majority of the collection contains ‘slice of life’ stories that slide underneath the surface of characters’ lives in an attempt to distinguish the truth from gossip and lies. Vulnerable narrators drop in now and then to pick at the bones of the characters’ failings to add another dimension to the reader’s perception of what is and isn’t true.

Thanks for your interest.



Alan Combes

Alan’s new adult book, as contrast to his many written for children, is a ghost story with a difference!

Golgotha - available at the house of haunted people is my first shot at an adult novel. It’s a mystery, an unconventional ghost story set in and around Scarborough. I have been encouraged by some cracking reviews.

The book tells the story of a house of unknown origin which gets a reputation for mysterious happenings.Rumour has it that it has been  cursed, but the unique way in which the story is told gives the reader a privileged insight into what really happened.

The title is now ‘I am Golgotha’ to distinguish it from another book of the same name.

Available on Kindle from and in book form published by Farthings of Scarborough.

Why not go to Alan’s own website to see all his other books?

 Malcolm Waller

Quest for a White Rose-

Available from Malcolm direct, Taylor’s Coffee shop on Bar Street, and online at Amazon’s Kindle store at £2.98, and from Amazon as a paperback at £7.99




Jutta Marshall

A wonderful account of Jutta’s life from her first day at school; through the war, and postwar occupation of Austria; until her marriage to Yorkshireman Brian Marshall, and coming to live in England.

£7-50 post included. Please contact Jutta via the website.

John Dickinson

For John’s E-books on Amazon Kindle follow this link:-
Fate,  Molly Perkins- Time Travel Detective,(Children’s)  and Mostly Ghostly– there is more than one John Dickinson there, by the way, and other titles on Kindle are not mine.
Just had a review from someone who read Molly Perkins:-

This is a fast-moving, utterly credible time-travel tale of Molly making contact with her young ancestors, Edward and Rachel. Together they solve mysteries, prevent robberies and a big bank fraud and render assistance to historical characters. Visits to the Old Bailey, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Stonehenge and Bethlehem are cleverly interwoven into the story. More Molly stories, please! By A.L.W.

Judy Smith.

Judy has published her memoirs, especially for her grandchildren and family, but there will plenty here to interest everyone!

More details to follow…

 Robert Marshall.


The town that never was.

Available locally in Scarborough, and on Kindle. Raven-Scar the town that never was (The Harry and Tina mysteries) eBook: Robert Marshall: Kindle Store


Bill Kitson