Competition Rules


Scarborough Writers’ Circle

Competition Rules Revised February 2014.

  • Any Circle competition for which a trophy is awarded to the winner is open to members only.
  • Entries should be freshly written for the competition, or an old idea revamped and improved. Only one entry is allowed per member unless otherwise stated.
  • Entries must be typewritten using one side only on A4 paper.1½ line spacing is acceptable and margin sizes are optional.  (See note 1).
  • If entries are computer generated, Times New Roman should be used in no less than 12pt font.  Plain text, not bold in the body of the manuscript.
  • Entries should be grammatically accurate with correct spelling.
  • Word count will be decided by the competition judge, but no more than 1000 and all entries will be within 100 words of the declared limit.  (Unless specifically requested for an alternative style competition.)
  • Every page should be numbered and bear the title of the work. The end should be clearly marked as such.
  • Each entry should have a front sheet bearing the title, word count, number of pages, pseudonym (if used) and the intended market.  (See note 2)
  • Entries must be anonymous. The writer’s identity should be contained within a sealed envelope bearing either the title of the manuscript or a pseudonym. This should be attached to the manuscript using a paperclip.  Staples should never be used for any submission.
  • Entries not received by the closing date will be disqualified.
  • Judges, usually the winner from the previous year, or a volunteer from within the Circle, are asked to comment on the general standard of the entries and indicate why the winning entry was chosen. They will be looking for the best manuscript/story, written for the intended market* and to the requirements of competition rules. If the judge considers it appropriate, runners-up may be nominated. However, the entries should otherwise be designated as being in a random, unclassified order when the results are announced.
  • The winning entry will be read out on results day, whether or not its author is present.

Note 1: Submission to newspaper/magazine editors should always be in double spacing and with generous margins unless an editor requests otherwise.  Email submissions should be in single spacing.

Note 2: The intended market* requirement is to encourage market study and writing for publication.

Please note that failing to follow submission guidelines when submitting your work to any potential market would result in disqualification. Publishers are busy people and will not to read your work if you haven’t read the submission guidelines.