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We’re “Making Waves”

An anthology of short stories and poems written by the Scarborough Writers’ Circle

Put together a group of writers and what do you get?



A stalker, a slinky cat, a hermit crab,

a battle, a bird, a bluff,

a talented boy artist,

a boisterous oaf,

a dangerous encounter,


a lighthouse, a parachute,

a predator in the park,

a heart-breaking journey,

the truth about dying,

murderous connections,

men in the sand


a bit of trouble from Lottie Moon.

Come on in… the water’s waiting!

This collection of short stories and poems shows inspiration can come from the most peculiar places.


Copies are available via the following links:

PAPERBACK (pub 18.11.2015) (£5 excluding post/packing)

EBOOK  (pub 3 Dec 2015)  (£1.99 – or free on Kindle Unlimited)

**  Scarborough Library has a small stock available to purchase (£5) or you can take one out on loan.