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Arthur Hastings Competition March 2019


Arthur Hastings comp 2019
Congratulations Carol!


At the meeting on 12th March 2019 members read their stories from the Arthur Hastings competition. The brief for the competition was that all stories had to start with a window.
As always, this led to many different types of story: family history; a proper chiller involving a stalker, with a twist in the tale; a woman driven to the end of her tether by her house proud husband; an elderly woman desperate for attention; an ill child; a nail-biting mountaineering tale and a lady, newly installed in a residential home, looking back on her life as a teacher in that very same building.
Entrants were Anne Morley, Shani Robinson, Dorinda Cass, Julie Fairweather, Roger Gough, Carol Steel and Carol Bell.
Judge Judy Woodroffe awarded the trophy to Carol Bell.  



We’re “Making Waves”

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A stalker, a slinky cat, a hermit crab,

a battle, a bird, a bluff,

a talented boy artist,

a boisterous oaf,

a dangerous encounter,


a lighthouse, a parachute,

a predator in the park,

a heart-breaking journey,

the truth about dying,

murderous connections,

men in the sand


a bit of trouble from Lottie Moon.

Come on in… the water’s waiting!

This collection of short stories and poems shows inspiration can come from the most peculiar places.


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