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Arthur Hastings Competition February 2020

Topic – Resolution

This could be a New Year’s Resolution … or one made at any other time.
One with a positive outcome … or not.
A carefully planned or spur of the moment resolution of a problem or dilemma.
Some person or event leading to an unexpected resolution.

The choice is yours!

Competitions are open to SWC members only and rules are as on the SWC website.

All entries to be handed to Carol Bell on or before the February meeting (11th February 2020)

We’re “Making Waves”

An anthology of short stories and poems written by the Scarborough Writers’ Circle

Put together a group of writers and what do you get?


A stalker, a slinky cat, a hermit crab,

a battle, a bird, a bluff,

a talented boy artist,

a boisterous oaf,

a dangerous encounter,


a lighthouse, a parachute,

a predator in the park,

a heart-breaking journey,

the truth about dying,

murderous connections,

men in the sand


a bit of trouble from Lottie Moon.

Come on in… the water’s waiting!

This collection of short stories and poems shows inspiration can come from the most peculiar places.

Copies are available via the following links:

PAPERBACK (pub 18.11.2015) (£5 excluding post/packing)

EBOOK  (pub 3 Dec 2015)  (£1.99 – or free on Kindle Unlimited)