Diary – 2021



Welcome to our new season of exciting events in 2021


12th January 2021:  writing by the sea

Lesley Young;  Writing plans for the year and work in progress.

Announce Arthur Hastings Competition and theme.

9th February 2021:

Jill Boyes;  ‘Limbering up for Writing’

Closing date for Arthur Hastings Competition.

9th March 2021:

Julie Fairweather; Results of the Arthur Hastings Competition. 

 13th April 2021:

Liz Jones and Dorinda Cass; ‘Similes and More’

Announce Nikki Barker Competition.

11th May 2021: 

Jill Boyes; Work Showcase (tbc) 

Closing date for Nikki Barker Competition.

8th June 2021:

Anne Morley; Results of the Nikki Barker Competition

13th July 2021:

Julie Fairweather & Jean Martin; ‘Unsung Heroes’

Introduce Shirley Waite Poetry Competition.

10th August 2021:  Topic to be confirmed

14th September 2021:

Julie Fairweather + speaker tbc

Celebrating National Poetry Day – Theme for 2021 is “Choices”

Including Shirley Waite Memorial Cup

Announce Leslie Richards Competition.

12th October 2021:                       
Topic to be confirmed

Closing date for Leslie Richards Competition.

AGM – November 2021 – date to be arranged

9th November 2021:

Jill Boyes; Results of the Leslie Richards Competition.

14th Decemember 2021:

Christmas Party!

   xmas tree