Diary – 2023


Welcome to our new season of exciting events in 2023

10th January 2023:

Announce Arthur Hastings Competition.
WRITING CRAFT: Titles (and endings maybe) plus Blurbs. (Lel and Sue)
14th February 2023:

WRITING CONTENT: Write on the night (with prompts). (Jill)

Please bring along a small object to set on a table. It can be old, new, useful, decorative, organic, man-made, metal, wood, fabric, paper, ceramic, stone, etc. The possibilities are endless. We will use the objects as inspiration for writing individual micro stories – which could be about where it came from, who owned it, what it was used for, what journey it took, what drama surrounded it or anything else you want it to be. To be shared on the night.

Closing date for Arthur Hastings Competition.

14th March 2023:

READ THROUGH AND RESULTS:  Arthur Hastings Competition Entries (Julie)
11th April 2023:

Announce Nikki Barker Competition
WRITING CRAFT: Point of View with guest speaker Kate Evans

9th May 2023:  

WRITING CONTENT: Romance (Dorinda)
Closing date for Nikki Barker Competition.
13th June 2023:

READ THROUGH AND RESULTS: Nikki Barker Competition Entries (Adrienne)

11th July 2023:

Attendees should bring a max 300 word piece to read out and accept feedback. (Lead TBC)
8th August 2023:  

Announce Shirley Waite Poetry Competition
WRITING CRAFT: Poetry workshop: Poetry for performance.
A participative session with Felix Hodcroft.

12th September 2023:

WRITING CRAFT: Protagonist motives, desires and goals. (Lead TBC)

Closing date for Shirley Waite Poetry Competition

10th October 2023:                       

Celebrating Poetry: RESULTS of Shirley Waite Poetry Competition. (Jill)

Read through of entries and feedback comments from the judge.
AGM: 28th November 2023 at 6.45pm. All Welcome!
14th November 2023:

Attendees should bring a max 300 word piece to read out and accept feedback.
12th December 2023:

Seasons greetings!

Tis the season to be jolly.

Bring a short, warm, funny piece of writing to read. It doesn’t have to be about festivities or feature elves, Santas or food.
… and nibbles, bring those to share too!

Merry Christmas 4