Valentine’s Night at the Scarborough Writers’ Circle

It wasn’t clear how many writers had forgone the chance of a candlelit Valentine’s dinner to attend our February meeting. Suffice it to say, there was an excellent turnout of sixteen members and two visitors at the Newby and Scalby Library venue.

The session involved an exercise in which attendees were asked to write for ten minutes about an object that appeared before them. Each person had been asked to bring a small object as a source of inspiration. The diverse collection included a motherboard, a ‘devil’s toenail’, sweet pea seeds, a tiny green bottle, a duck with the face of the bard, and many more. The results, when read out, were variously funny, sad, enlightening, and one even rhymed. During the second half of the session, writers with books to their name related their publication experiences, both through publishing houses and self-publishing.

Julie Fairweather, Diana Campbell, Ros Jones, Liah Thorley, Liz Jones and Nola York with books displayed on table by Lel Meleyal and Jean Martin.

The Circle will next meet at 7pm at Newby and Scalby Library on Tuesday 14th March. It will prove relaxing for some and nerve-wracking for others as we hear the entries of our spring competition being read out. The winner will be awarded the Arthur Hastings trophy. 

Visitors will be welcome and only be asked for a meagre four pounds. There will be an opportunity to become a member on the night.

Keep an eye on this website for updates and lots of useful information.

Report submitted by circle member Jill Boyes who led the session

Photograph by Judith Woodroffe, circle member and library trustee

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