Anne Bond – A Tribute from Bill Kitson

Anne Bond was President of Scarborough Writers’ Circle when I applied to join the group. I was more than a little wary, as Val had told me that among the Circle membership were playwrights, novelists, former newspaper editors and columnists.  The process of submitting a sample of writing to be assessed for my suitability did little to lower my trepidation.

Within minutes of meeting Anne, she not only put me at my ease, but contrived to convey how much fun was to be had by attending Circle meetings, and how much I would learn by joining. Anne took a special interest in new members and fledgling writers, praising, encouraging and providing valuable criticism, all delivered with a warm smile. She did much to fire my enthusiasm for writing and supported my determination to become published.

I can think of no finer tribute to Anne than by repeating the excellent advice she gave me regarding the characters within my books. “They should be so believable that you would recognize them instantly if they knocked on your door.”

She paused then, grinned and added, “However, if they do knock on your door, you’ll know you have a problem.”

Thank you, Anne. It was a privilege to know you.

Bill Kitson


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