Scarborough Flare


A varied menu of verse, short stories and live theatre script, ranging in genre from darkest black to fairly broad comedy, was extremely well received by a full house in the Sitwell Library on 28th April.

The performance by Writers on the Loose (WotL), which featured three Circle members, John Cooper, Julie Fairweather and Ian Baird, together with final year university student, Shirley Waite, ensured a lively start to FLARE, the fringe festival.

After a spoof introduction( in which John recited Woodend’s rainfall levels from 1927 – to the bewilderment of the audience), the performance kicked off with comic poems by Shirley “bang-up-to-date” Waite. Julie read extracts from short stories in her book “Picking at the Bones”, described by Shirley as being blacker than a Swedish TV script! John and Ian then combined to read an amusing scene from the former’s new play “Medical Complications” before Shirley and Julie returned with romantic poetry. John then read some of his new verse featuring three different kinds of love, that of man for a woman, that of a man for his gundog, and that of a man for his country.

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