Christmas Meal

A HUGE happy festive season to everyone.

What a wonderful Christmas night out we had at Pomodoro’s to celebrate the end of a hugely successful year (and it’s all down to the guidance of our Head Witch!)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the great joy that can come from this time of year – looking back on achievements, friends and special occasions. And for us to pause and consider those less well placed who can find this time of year especially difficult.

Let’s all have a grateful, generous, fun and compassionate festive holiday.

Robert, SWC Secretary


ps, A big thanks to Stewart for taking the photo (see empty chair)

pps, sorry Dorinda

ppps, A reminder – Terror Tales for a Winters Eve is now out for sale through The Bookshelf on Victoria Road, Scarborough.

Terror Tales for a Winters Eve

Wonderful news for the festive season.

Terror Tales for a Winters Eve: A collection of original stories, to chill even a winter’s night – due for publication from Saturday 22 Dec 2018 – featuring; not one, not two, but four original works by members of the Scarborough Writers Circle.

Judith Woodroffe, Julie Fairweather, Stewart Ashton and Robert Adams.

Supernatural stories from Phantasm Press.

    with Daniel Wilkins at The Bookshelf in Scarborough.

A great – stocking frightener at only £7.50

ps, all monies raised will be going to charity. Go on – you know you want to!

pps, if you don’t, we’ll haunt you for ever more.


Robert Adams, Secretary


Free story from Bill!

A Case of Crime

Bill Kitson, along with five other authors at Accent Press, was asked to write a short story for an anthology. The eBook was released yesterday and for today until close on Sunday is available to download for FREE. You’ll find the link below:

STOP PRESS: This free offer has now finished, but the eBook can still be purchased from this link for only £1.81


Val Kitson
Agent to Bill Kitson.
Creator of DI Mike Nash, Eden House Mysteries and the Byland Crescent Saga.
Web: http://www.billkitson.comimage

Anne Bond – A Tribute from Bill Kitson

Anne Bond was President of Scarborough Writers’ Circle when I applied to join the group. I was more than a little wary, as Val had told me that among the Circle membership were playwrights, novelists, former newspaper editors and columnists.  The process of submitting a sample of writing to be assessed for my suitability did little to lower my trepidation.

Within minutes of meeting Anne, she not only put me at my ease, but contrived to convey how much fun was to be had by attending Circle meetings, and how much I would learn by joining. Anne took a special interest in new members and fledgling writers, praising, encouraging and providing valuable criticism, all delivered with a warm smile. She did much to fire my enthusiasm for writing and supported my determination to become published.

I can think of no finer tribute to Anne than by repeating the excellent advice she gave me regarding the characters within my books. “They should be so believable that you would recognize them instantly if they knocked on your door.”

She paused then, grinned and added, “However, if they do knock on your door, you’ll know you have a problem.”

Thank you, Anne. It was a privilege to know you.

Bill Kitson


Anne Bond


Long-standing Circle member and novelist, Anne Bond, died on Friday 2nd May after a sustained period of illness.

Anne was born and bred in Scarborough and worked in a variety of jobs locally, but found an interest in writing while still a child. Over the years, she had many short stories and articles published in a variety of magazines, but her greatest achievement came in the late 1980s when she started on the road to becoming a successful romantic novelist.

Her first book, ‘Dance Without Music’ (published under her full name of Frances Anne Bond) was an instant success. Set in the period leading up to WW2, it tells the story of local girl, Sarah Armstrong, a barmaid in a seaside holiday resort, who meets and marries Victor, a strange and taciturn man who works at the local theatre. The book proved especially popular with readers at Scarborough libraries. A further six books followed throughout the 1990s (available on Amazon, from booksellers or the library).

Anne attributed much of her success to the support and advice she got from her fellow members in the Writers’ Circle, where she was a long-time member and served as Secretary for a number of years. And, although self-effacing about her own undoubted talent, she was always ready and willing to pass on her considerable knowledge to aspiring writers.

She had been out of circulation for a few years due to severe illness, but she will be remembered and much missed by those of us who knew her and counted her as a friend, and our deepest sympathies go to her husband, Peter, and her two daughters.

(Book list 1989-1999: Dance Without Music, Return of the Swallow, Darling Lady, A Different Tune, Changing Step, Catching the Lark, Old Acquaintances)

Mike Park

One Hour of Entertainment

Scarborough Flare in the Sitwell Library at Woodend was one enjoyable hour, packed with humour, acidic, funny, heart wrenching and romantic poetry. Alongside stories of the darkest kind. If you missed it make sure it is in your diary for next year. Yes, you only get one chance per year to see this fresh new work from John, Julie, and Ian Scarborough Writers Circle members, along with University student Shirley whose acerbic witty poems will make you smile. Ian and John read an extract from Johns new play and he is eagerly awaiting offers of publication.



Nikki Barker Competition

Nikki Barker Competition
‘All in a good cause’
My intention is to encourage passion for some burning issue out there that really fires up individual members. I would like to see some background knowledge, research and campaigning.
It could take the form of
· a plan of campaign,
· an account of an achievement for the cause
· a story about a campaign, fact or fiction
· an article for the media
· or anything else you want to make of it
Please feel free to add illustrations, no more than three, and any words on these will not be included in the total word count and indicate under ‘market’ where you intend it for.
Go on, move me to tears, to signing up or, even more difficult, to putting my hand in my pocket!

1,000 words; normal competition rules apply (see website)
Entries in: 13 May 2014
Results and reading of entries: 27 May


Our President, Bill Kitson, reminds everyone of John Cooper’s important evening.

Dear All,

On May 13th, John Cooper is leading a session encouraging members to analyse the mechanics of narrative writing. I believe this is an essential weapon in a writer’s armoury. The importance of the ability to write coherently is crucial. As language changes, the requirements for writers also change, so we are in effect, always learning.I think this is a session from which all members, even the most successful and experienced can benefit.

Author of the DI Mike Nash crime series,the Eden House Mysteries and the Byland Crescent Saga.